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We address a long list of symptoms, including Diabetes, Arthritis, Hormone Dysfunction, Weight Loss, Allergies, Digestive Issues, Insomnia, Neurological Conditions, Fatigue, Headaches & Migraines, E/E/N/T Conditions, Skin/Hair/Nail Conditions, Respiratory and more!


We employ natural healing techniques including Chiropractic, Nutrition Response Testing?, Nutrition/Diet Counseling, Allergy Testing, Advanced Allergy Clearing Technique, Weight loss programs and Hormone Testing.

Dr. K

Dr. Keasberry is one of only 405 US practitioners who practice Nutrition Response Testing? at the advanced level. She is dedicated to helping individuals find real and lasting health through personalized nutrition, chiropractic, and the finest quality nutritional supplements in the world.


Patients speak out about health problems and their successes in handling them. The Keasberry Health Center has improved the lives of many men, women and children. We take great pride in our patients and are here to meet your every need.

A Natural Approach to Health

Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition Response Testing? locates and addresses nutritional and environmental factors that suppress the body’s ability to create wellness. Nutrition Analysis is a powerful tool to help discover what your body is missing, what it needs, and how to build healthy new cells, without simply treating symptoms.


Dr. Keasberry is a certified chiropractor who uses both her knowledge of Nutrition and Chiropractic to successfully treat her patients.